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List of all Mod type items from our SWTOR Database. You can pick the best items for your character from here.

SWTOR gear is usually BoE or BoP, as is common in many MMOs. Niftily, you can equip bound items to your companions as well as your own character – so if you have a great gun but get an upgrade, you may well have a companion who can make use of it. All player characters have 14 equipment slots: nine for armor, two for weapons and three for relics. Inventory | Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki - swtor.fandom.com In Star Wars: The Old Republic, each player character has an inventory in which to store items. The inventory starts out with 3 lines unlocked, with 10 slots on each line for a total of 30 slots. However, the inventory can be upgraded for a sum of credits. Upgrades. Each additional inventory module upgrade will give you an extra row with 10 ... SWTOR Contraband Slotmachine – Star Wars Gaming news

Off the top of my head, Star Trek Online lets you change your appearance whenever you want, even your character’s physical appearance. Lord of the Rings Online gives you multiple “outfit” slots to put cosmetic items, and even gives you a system that lets you put gear that you can’t normally use in those slots if you like the way it looks.

Swtor mod video One of the nice things about Star Wars: The Old Republic is that you can try out the game as a free-to-play player without investing any money in to the gameSWTOR: Adaptive Gear Guide, used to help you level with mods as you go through the star wars universe.

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SWTOR Character Slots Number Increased After Maintenance July… Character Slots number has increased From now on, the maximum available number of Character Slots per server have increased a lot.What’s more, if you have a Ginx Companion, you can use the Bogstalker Handler’s License now. Color Crystals are now unlocked in Collections Just as BioWare... SWTOR still lacks customization. — MMORPG.com Forums Why add more customization when you can add more dailies and keep people around longer?Where are the customization slots then under character selection where you put your equipment of (C) key I see none. If SWTOR was improved to be more like Rift with customization I would likely be... SWTOR Game Update 2.1 - Dye Modules Location

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SWTOR Crafting Guide – Rare Schematics, Items, Skills and Credits ... You can fill your crew skills slots with multiple Mission Skills so yes, you can give it a full go. ... These rare recipes ... Star Wars The Old Republic Mods | SWTOR Mods